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Business Philosophy

There are some functions which are essential to the existence of a Company:-
Marketing | Sales | Customer Service | Financial Control

Marketing is:-
Identifying and meeting the needs, preferences and expectations of Stakeholders, with Profit.

Stakeholders are, not in any order, :-
Customers | Shareholders | Employees | Suppliers | Community, local and at large.

Sales is:-
The Purveyance of Products or Services to Customers to obtain Income.

Customer Service:
Includes the Packaging and Delivery of product and/or services purveyed to the Customer, to ensure Customer Satisfaction.

Financial Services:
Includes Billing, Credit Control, Purchasing and the maintenance of Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers in accordance with accounting practices ensuring positive cashflow and profit.

Functions which are not essential to the existence of a Company include the design and manufacture of product or service provided by the Company. Such functions can be subcontracted or provided by suppliers to the Company.

Napoleon described Great Britain as ‘a Nation of Shopkeepers’. To this day, design and manufacture of product is carried out by a minority of Companies.

Thus, MQA focuses in the Quality Principles which should apply to the essential functions of any Company (Marketing, Sales and Customer Service and Financial Control) and does not offer Certification Services for the design and manufacture of a Product.

In carrying out its Assessment and Certification Services, MQA appreciates effort and acknowledges achievement, concentrating on seeking evidence of conformance to International Standards. Assessment includes ascertaining the effectiveness of systems and processes designed to achieve Defined Objectives.

Thus, MQA focuses on a positive approach to business effectiveness and leadership to ensure that its Customers maintain a high degree of motivation, efficiency and commercial success.
To this end, MQA has devised and publicised normative documents including the production of Standards for MRS, MRQSA B, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service and Financial Control, many of which have developed into International Standards.

MQA Assessors have established and maintain a very high reputation for their knowledge and experience in management techniques and methodology as well as a positive approach to assessment.

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